Braca 6 - 1 Athletico Madrid

Goals: Marquez (3rd), Eto'o (sp 5th, 18th), Messi (8th), Gudjohnsen (28th), Henry (74th) to Barcelona and Rodriguez (13th) for the Atletico

Between Barça of Messi and Atletico Madrid Agüero, the Argentine star wars did not happen. Once again decisive, the first confirmed what the world of football already knew: it's on another planet. The second executioner of Marseille (2-1) in Champions League, has meanwhile released half an hour of the term. The head low, without creating any occasion. At home, the Blaugrana have offered a recital (5-1), punctuated by five goals in twenty-eight minutes. An evening gala that allows them to temporarily take the 2nd place, three lengths Villarreal, winner earlier Betis of Seville (2-1). Since the beginning of the season, benefits Catalan frankly had nothing to excite the public demanding Camp Nou. The copy made Saturday night will no doubt silence the skeptics. Indeed, the protected Pep Guardiola have not had to force their talent. Because the image of Grégory Coupet, the people of Madrid were apathetic and febrile defensively. According to the rotation policy established by Javier Aguirre, it is the French doorman who replaced Leo Franco in the goals. The former Lyonnais would have probably preferred to stay on the bench. In less than half an hour, he bowed five times. Bowing under the furia offensive deployment by Barcelona recovered, confident of their game, confident of their collective strength. A corner taken by Marquez victory at the 4th minute, a penalty of Eto'o (6th) and a free kick from malicious Messi (8th) were enough to make folding Matelassiers, who had only one jump in their deep sleep: a wonder strike wrapped Rodriguez, who took advantage of a lax marking a bit to find the window Valdez (1-3, 13th). The result? A demonstration of Barça, whose every move would result in a huge danger to the cage Coupet. The now ex-international bowed two times before the break. Mystifié by a subtle hook Eto'o at the 18th (4-1). Left to itself about the purpose of Gudjonhsen ten minutes later (5-1). The addition would have been much more salt if Iniesta had found the post twice. After a first act of rare intensity, the second course was more dull. Entered into play in place of an elusive Eto'o, Henry took advantage of still broad largesse offered by the Madrid defense to afford his 2nd goal of the season, after a collective action by large class (6 -1). For Barça, the evening turned the demonstration. For Atletico, it turned into a nightmare.