Valencia 4 - 2 Deportivo

Goals: Mata (35th), Joaquin (68th), Villa (49th, 81st) for Valencia. Moretti (11th CSC), Lafita'85e) to La Coruna.

FC Valencia took over the top of the Championship of Spain. The club David Villa, which has the same number of points (13) that Villarreal (1-0 in Gijon, the red lantern), a very badly him home, Moretti who opened the scoring in deceiving his own goalkeeper (11th). But his teammates wanted to wash the affront, and reassure, as soon as possible. And Mata, the first (35th), followed by Villa (49th), Joaquin (69th) and Villa again (82nd) have silenced the whims of men from La Coruna. The purpose of Lafita (85th) for the visitors did not alter the final outcome. Villa also had the opportunity to take only the top of the goalscorers (6th). "I'm happy to be head coach reacted valencian Unai Emery. But more important is the regularity and progression of the team. We do not know our limits because we are early in the season."

Athletico Madrid 0 - 1 Sévilla

FC Sevilla has won a victory when logic shock of the 5th day of the Liga face of Atletico Madrid (0-1), the next opponent Marseille C1. Valencia has a mouthful of La Coruna (4-2) with a new David Villa doubled to stay ahead of the championship.

The Atletico is not invincible. The club phocéen opponent Wednesday in the Champions League, simply impressive since the start of the season, conceded its first defeat of the season at home facing an excellent team of FC Seville. A setback quite logical because the teammates Grégory Coupet fell on an Andalusian team inspired and very well organized. It is in the 21st minute as the game switches. Luis Fabiano opened the scoring with a superb free kick that Grégory Coupet can only scratched. Sevilla lead 1-0 then. A deserved advantage and kept until the final whistle.

Helpless, teammates Florent Sinama-Pongolle have been hampered throughout the game by the speed of the two wingers Seville Capel, left, and Jesus Navas, right. What give ideas to Eric Gerets ... Too drafts, players of Atletico Madrid have never really had the opportunity to endanger Palop, the goalkeeper of FC Sevilla. The Andalusian club performs a beautiful operation in rank up to fourth place in the Liga. For Atletico, now seventh, it is the first stop hit of the season. A bad night also marked by two new injuries, and those of Seitaridis Banega.


Goals: Corominas (19th) for Espanyol - Henry (75th), Eto'o (90th sp) for FC Barcelona.

Led to the score, FC Barcelona has reversed the situation to win the derby in the field of Espanyol (1-2) at the 5th day. Villarreal has retained the lead in winning in Gijon (0-1). Real Madrid, who went beat Betis Seville (1-2) is second.


Goals : rossi (65 e)


Goals: Garcia (54th sp) for Betis - Heinze (18th), Van Nistelrooy (89th) for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid, reduced to ten after excluding Marcelo, beat the Betis Seville 2-1 through a goal from Van Nistelrooy in injury time. The doubles title holders, second to a point of the "yellow submarine", have opened the scoring by Gabriel Heinze (19th) during a first period hit (Van de Vaart and Marcelo warned) but controlled by men Bernd Schuster. The people of Madrid, before the flamboyant red lantern Gijon (7-1) Wednesday, lost their football with the exception of Marcelo for a fault in its surface (54th).

Garcia, who will also be excluded at the end of the game, did not even pray for taking over the penalty pushed away by the keeper Casillas. The match referee excited and went out yellow cards (Casillas, Pavone) and red (Garcia) to restore calm. Finally, Van Nistelrooy gave in extremis three points of victory to his close by scoring despite a defender and the keeper of local output. With this fourth success in five matches Liga, Real can fly with peace of mind in Russia to face Zenit St. Petersburg in the Champions League.

Liga - Real Atomic

At the 4th day of the Liga, Real Madrid detonated defending Gijon (7-1). Winner of Santander (2-0), Villarreal is provisionally in the lead. With a doubling of Sinama-Pongolle, the Atletico was imposed in Getafe (1-2) and the second highest peak. Barcelona played with fire.


Goals: Van der Vaart (17th, 32nd, 47th), Higuain (36th), Robben (50th) and Raul (58th, 63rd) for Real - Mateo (53rd) for Gijon Seven goals and registered a third consecutive victory in League: Real Madrid has experienced an evening full face an opponent, it is true, in full drift. Already suffered a humiliating 6-1 defeat to face Barcelona at the previous day, Sporting Gijon simply could not compete for points in Santiago Bernabeu. Van der Vaart was the meeting of its mark by offering a triple (18th, 34th, 47th), which registered a goal through a subtle talonnade. The success of Merengue was collective. Higuain (36th), Robben (51st) and especially Raul, author of a double and a ladle after a one-two with Saviola (56th, 64th), complete the work. Mateo still reduced the score (53rd). Nevertheless insufficient to console such a slap. Nineteen goals against, points a meter still not released: Gijon must regroup quickly. No obvious while Villarreal is on the horizon. For its part, Real will be wary not to fall into over-confidence at a perilous trip on the lawn of the Betis Seville on Saturday.


Goals: Eto'o (16th, 23rd) and Gudjohnsen (80th) to Barcelona - Monzon (59th) and Romero (62nd) for Betis Barcelona recorded its first win of the season at home Betis to face (3-2), thanks to a doubling of Cameroonian Samuel Eto'o, who is now a hundred goals in the colors blaugrana, and a goal of saving for Gudjohnsen Ten minutes from the end. The Betis, yet led 0-2 at half time, was back in the game thanks to the achievements of Monzon and Jose Mari. With this success, Barcelona back to 5th place ranking.


Goals: Albin (75th) for Getafe - Sinama-Pongolle (30th, 82nd) for the Atletico In the Madrid derby between Atletico and Getafe, Marseille next opponent Wednesday in Champions League, teammates Florent Sinama-Pongolle, author's purpose and 4th best scorer of the Liga, were imposed from outside 2 -- 1, and pointing to 3rd place ranking.

Real Madrid 2 - 0 Racing Santander

Not really convincing, the Real Madrid left Santander with the victory (2-0) at the 3rd day. Valencia took the lead in the rankings ahead of Osasuna. Barcelona crushed (6-1) Sporting Gijon.


Goals: Xavi (27th), Eto'o (33rd), Jorge (48th CSC), Iniesta (69th), Messi (85, 88th) to Barcelona - Maldonado (50th) to Barcelona Upset to have to wait until the 3rd day to sign its first victory, FC Barcelona went over Sporting Gijon 6 to 1, with a doubling of Messi (85th, 89th) and goals signed Xavi (27th), Eto'o (32nd), Jorge against his camp (49th) and Iniesta (70th). The Barcelona back to the 9th place, just two lengths of Real.

Real Madrid first 3 points


Goals: Guti (19th), Higuain (26th), van der Vaart (33rd) and Cisma (40th, CSC) for Real Madrid - Moreno (7th, 57) and Barkero (22nd) for Numancia

The double champion title in Spain, Real Madrid, beaten on the first day (by Deportivo La Coruna), has had to fight at home to sign its first successful face Numancia, tombeur FC Barcelona a fortnight ago. At the end of a festival offensive, Real won 4-3 but was conducted to score twice (1-0 and 2-1) by the promotion. Guti, captain in the absence of Raul (alternate), was honoured by equalizing the first time to mark the 5000th goal of Real Madrid in Liga.

Real madrid 4 - 3 Numancia Van Der Vaart GOAL


After his defeat at Numancia (1-0) opens, FC Barcelona was held in check on his land by Santander (1-1) at the 2nd day of Liga. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid was surprised to Valladolid (2-1) and abandons its leading position with FC Seville who broke Gijon (4-3).

As Soria against the promoted Numancia (defeat 1-0) at the opening of the Liga, Barcelona dominated but too messy. The spectators at Camp Nou, unhappy to see their team skate, left the stadium in whistling and waving a few newspapers or handkerchiefs. After international matches and in view of the 1st day of the Champions League next week, the coach Josep Guardiola had not attracted the french striker Thierry Henry and had left on the substitutes' bench Argentina Leo Messi and Andres Iniesta Spaniards and Bojan Krkic. The three came into the game and Messi had opened the scoring by converting a penalty (71st). The Racing, which had very few opportunities, equalized on a free kick by Garay hijacked by Pereira (77th).
Buts: Dorado (4e), Baraja (28e) pour Valladolid - Kun Agüero (54e) pour l'Atletico
Buts : Chevanton (22e), Kanoute (36e, 60e) et Maresca (37e) pour Séville - Bilic (18e, 19e, 44e sp) pour Gijon

La Liga 2008/2009 Preview

Primera Division (La Liga) is the highest level of the Spanish professional football. There are a total of 20 teams and each team plays a season 38-game schedule consisting of two matches against each of the 19 other teams at home and outside. As in all European football leagues, there are three points for a win, one for a tie and no points of the loss. But if teams are level on points, total score between these two clubs determines the overall standings before goal difference. If three or more teams are tied, then the combined face-to-head record the fair tied teams will be used to determine the final decision on these clubs.

The team has accumulated the most points at the end of the season is declared Primera Division champions. The four clubs qualified for the Champions League, with the first two directly into the group. The fifth and sixth place teams and King's Cup winners are qualified for the UEFA Cup. The 18th, 19th and 20th placed teams in the Primera Division are automatically relegated, while the three of the Spanish Second Division promotion. Teams reserve Primera clubs (called Team B) May also play in the second division, but could not be promoted to Spanish top flight.

Valencia vs Mallorca Highlights

1st Day Results

1ère journée

Saturday 30 août 2008
FC Valence - Majorque 3-0
Espanyol - Valladolid 1-0

Sunday 31 août 2008
Athletic Bilbao - U.D Almería 1-3
Atlético Madrid - Málaga 4-0
Betis Séville - Recreativo Huelva 0-1
Sporting De Gijón - Getafe C.F 1-2
Santander - FC Séville 1-1
C.D Numancia - FC Barcelone 1-0
Osasuna - Villarreal 1-1
La Corogne - Real Madrid 2-1

Real Madrid 1 - 2 Deportivo

Barcelona 0 - 1 Numancia

Calendar Liga 2008-2009 Spanish 1st division

Journée 1
Dimanche 31 Août 2008
Numancia - Barcelone
Sporting Gijon - Getafe
Espanyol B. - R. Valladolid
Atl. Bilbao - Almeria
Osasuna - Villarreal
La Corogne - Real Madrid
Valence - Majorque
Atl. Madrid - Malaga
R. Santander - FC Seville
Betis Seville - R. Huelva
Journée 2
Dimanche 14 Septembre 2008
Real Madrid - Numancia
FC Seville - Sporting Gijon
Getafe - Betis Seville
Majorque - Osasuna
Barcelone - R. Santander
Malaga - Atl. Bilbao
Villarreal - La Corogne
R. Valladolid - Atl. Madrid
Almeria - Valence
R. Huelva - Espanyol B.
Journée 3
Dimanche 21 Septembre 2008
La Corogne - Majorque
Almeria - Malaga
Betis Seville - FC Seville
Valence - Osasuna
Sporting Gijon - Barcelone
Atl. Madrid - R. Huelva
Atl. Bilbao - R. Valladolid
Espanyol B. - Getafe
Numancia - Villarreal
R. Santander - Real Madrid
Journée 4
Mercredi 24 Septembre 2008
Osasuna - La Corogne
Getafe - Atl. Madrid
Malaga - Valence
FC Seville - Espanyol B.
Majorque - Numancia
Real Madrid - Sporting Gijon
Barcelone - Betis Seville
R. Huelva - Atl. Bilbao
Villarreal - R. Santander
R. Valladolid - Almeria
Journée 5
Dimanche 28 Septembre 2008
Espanyol B. - Barcelone
Almeria - R. Huelva
Malaga - R. Valladolid
Atl. Bilbao - Getafe
Sporting Gijon - Villarreal
Betis Seville - Real Madrid
Valence - La Corogne
R. Santander - Majorque
Atl. Madrid - FC Seville
Numancia - Osasuna
Journée 6
Dimanche 5 Octobre 2008
La Corogne - Numancia
Majorque - Sporting Gijon
Villarreal - Betis Seville
FC Seville - Atl. Bilbao
Osasuna - R. Santander
Getafe - Almeria
Barcelone - Atl. Madrid
R. Valladolid - Valence
Real Madrid - Espanyol B.
R. Huelva - Malaga
Journée 7
Dimanche 19 Octobre 2008
Betis Seville - Majorque
Almeria - FC Seville
Valence - Numancia
Sporting Gijon - Osasuna
Atl. Bilbao - Barcelone
R. Valladolid - R. Huelva
Espanyol B. - Villarreal
Malaga - Getafe
Atl. Madrid - Real Madrid
R. Santander - La Corogne
Journée 8
Dimanche 26 Octobre 2008
Getafe - R. Valladolid
Villarreal - Atl. Madrid
R. Huelva - Valence
Majorque - Espanyol B.
FC Seville - Malaga
La Corogne - Sporting Gijon
Osasuna - Betis Seville
Real Madrid - Atl. Bilbao
Numancia - R. Santander
Barcelone - Almeria
Journée 9
Dimanche 2 Novembre 2008
Malaga - Barcelone
Espanyol B. - Osasuna
Valence - R. Santander
R. Huelva - Getafe
Atl. Bilbao - Villarreal
Almeria - Real Madrid
Betis Seville - La Corogne
Atl. Madrid - Majorque
R. Valladolid - FC Seville
Sporting Gijon - Numancia
Journée 10
Dimanche 9 Novembre 2008
R. Santander - Sporting Gijon
FC Seville - R. Huelva
Numancia - Betis Seville
Majorque - Atl. Bilbao
Barcelone - R. Valladolid
Villarreal - Almeria
Osasuna - Atl. Madrid
Getafe - Valence
La Corogne - Espanyol B.
Real Madrid - Malaga
Journée 11
Dimanche 16 Novembre 2008
Atl. Madrid - La Corogne
Almeria - Majorque
Getafe - FC Seville
Espanyol B. - Numancia
R. Huelva - Barcelone
Valence - Sporting Gijon
Betis Seville - R. Santander
Atl. Bilbao - Osasuna
Malaga - Villarreal
R. Valladolid - Real Madrid
Journée 12
Dimanche 23 Novembre 2008
Numancia - Atl. Madrid
FC Seville - Valence
R. Santander - Espanyol B.
Majorque - Malaga
Real Madrid - R. Huelva
La Corogne - Atl. Bilbao
Sporting Gijon - Betis Seville
Barcelone - Getafe
Villarreal - R. Valladolid
Osasuna - Almeria
Journée 13
Dimanche 30 Novembre 2008
FC Seville - Barcelone
Espanyol B. - Sporting Gijon
Valence - Betis Seville
Malaga - Osasuna
Atl. Madrid - R. Santander
R. Huelva - Villarreal
Getafe - Real Madrid
Almeria - La Corogne
R. Valladolid - Majorque
Atl. Bilbao - Numancia
Journée 14
Dimanche 7 Décembre 2008
Majorque - R. Huelva
R. Santander - Atl. Bilbao
Osasuna - R. Valladolid
Villarreal - Getafe
Sporting Gijon - Atl. Madrid
Numancia - Almeria
Barcelone - Valence
Betis Seville - Espanyol B.
La Corogne - Malaga
Real Madrid - FC Seville
Journée 15
Dimanche 14 Décembre 2008
R. Valladolid - La Corogne
Getafe - Majorque
Valence - Espanyol B.
Malaga - Numancia
Atl. Madrid - Betis Seville
Atl. Bilbao - Sporting Gijon
Almeria - R. Santander
R. Huelva - Osasuna
FC Seville - Villarreal
Barcelone - Real Madrid
Journée 16
Dimanche 21 Décembre 2008
Espanyol B. - Atl. Madrid
Real Madrid - Valence
R. Santander - Malaga
Majorque - FC Seville
La Corogne - R. Huelva
Betis Seville - Atl. Bilbao
Villarreal - Barcelone
Osasuna - Getafe
Numancia - R. Valladolid
Sporting Gijon - Almeria
Journée 17
Dimanche 4 Janvier 2009
Almeria - Betis Seville
Malaga - Sporting Gijon
R. Valladolid - R. Santander
FC Seville - Osasuna
Real Madrid - Villarreal
Getafe - La Corogne
Valence - Atl. Madrid
Barcelone - Majorque
Atl. Bilbao - Espanyol B.
R. Huelva - Numancia
Journée 18
Dimanche 11 Janvier 2009
R. Santander - R. Huelva
Atl. Madrid - Atl. Bilbao
Osasuna - Barcelone
Numancia - Getafe
Sporting Gijon - R. Valladolid
Espanyol B. - Almeria
Valence - Villarreal
Majorque - Real Madrid
Betis Seville - Malaga
La Corogne - FC Seville
Journée 19
Dimanche 18 Janvier 2009
Atl. Bilbao - Valence
Villarreal - Majorque
Malaga - Espanyol B.
FC Seville - Numancia
R. Valladolid - Betis Seville
R. Huelva - Sporting Gijon
Getafe - R. Santander
Real Madrid - Osasuna
Barcelone - La Corogne
Almeria - Atl. Madrid
Journée 20
Dimanche 25 Janvier 2009
Real Madrid - La Corogne
Malaga - Atl. Madrid
Majorque - Valence
R. Valladolid - Espanyol B.
Barcelone - Numancia
Getafe - Sporting Gijon
R. Huelva - Betis Seville
Villarreal - Osasuna
FC Seville - R. Santander
Almeria - Atl. Bilbao
Journée 21
Dimanche 1 Fevrier 2009
R. Santander - Barcelone
Betis Seville - Getafe
Atl. Madrid - R. Valladolid
Valence - Almeria
La Corogne - Villarreal
Numancia - Real Madrid
Osasuna - Majorque
Atl. Bilbao - Malaga
Sporting Gijon - FC Seville
Espanyol B. - R. Huelva
Journée 22
Dimanche 8 Fevrier 2009
Villarreal - Numancia
Barcelone - Sporting Gijon
FC Seville - Betis Seville
R. Valladolid - Atl. Bilbao
Real Madrid - R. Santander
Malaga - Almeria
Majorque - La Corogne
R. Huelva - Atl. Madrid
Osasuna - Valence
Getafe - Espanyol B.
Journée 23
Dimanche 15 Fevrier 2009
Numancia - Majorque
Valence - Malaga
Espanyol B. - FC Seville
La Corogne - Osasuna
Betis Seville - Barcelone
Atl. Bilbao - R. Huelva
Almeria - R. Valladolid
Atl. Madrid - Getafe
R. Santander - Villarreal
Sporting Gijon - Real Madrid
Journée 24
Dimanche 22 Fevrier 2009
FC Seville - Atl. Madrid
La Corogne - Valence
Barcelone - Espanyol B.
R. Valladolid - Malaga
Osasuna - Numancia
Villarreal - Sporting Gijon
Real Madrid - Betis Seville
Getafe - Atl. Bilbao
Majorque - R. Santander
R. Huelva - Almeria
Journée 25
Dimanche 1 Mars 2009
Atl. Madrid - Barcelone
Malaga - R. Huelva
Valence - R. Valladolid
Almeria - Getafe
Betis Seville - Villarreal
Espanyol B. - Real Madrid
Numancia - La Corogne
Sporting Gijon - Majorque
Atl. Bilbao - FC Seville
R. Santander - Osasuna
Journée 26
Dimanche 8 Mars 2009
Getafe - Malaga
Osasuna - Sporting Gijon
Majorque - Betis Seville
Barcelone - Atl. Bilbao
La Corogne - R. Santander
FC Seville - Almeria
R. Huelva - R. Valladolid
Real Madrid - Atl. Madrid
Numancia - Valence
Villarreal - Espanyol B.
Journée 27
Dimanche 15 Mars 2009
Espanyol B. - Majorque
Malaga - FC Seville
R. Santander - Numancia
Betis Seville - Osasuna
Almeria - Barcelone
Valence - R. Huelva
Atl. Madrid - Villarreal
R. Valladolid - Getafe
Atl. Bilbao - Real Madrid
Sporting Gijon - La Corogne
Journée 28
Dimanche 22 Mars 2009
Majorque - Atl. Madrid
R. Santander - Valence
Osasuna - Espanyol B.
Barcelone - Malaga
Numancia - Sporting Gijon
Getafe - R. Huelva
La Corogne - Betis Seville
Villarreal - Atl. Bilbao
FC Seville - R. Valladolid
Real Madrid - Almeria
Journée 29
Dimanche 5 Avril 2009
R. Valladolid - Barcelone
Atl. Madrid - Osasuna
Sporting Gijon - R. Santander
Valence - Getafe
Almeria - Villarreal
Malaga - Real Madrid
Espanyol B. - La Corogne
Atl. Bilbao - Majorque
R. Huelva - FC Seville
Betis Seville - Numancia
Journée 30
Dimanche 12 Avril 2009
Barcelone - R. Huelva
Osasuna - Atl. Bilbao
R. Santander - Betis Seville
FC Seville - Getafe
Real Madrid - R. Valladolid
Majorque - Almeria
La Corogne - Atl. Madrid
Sporting Gijon - Valence
Numancia - Espanyol B.
Villarreal - Malaga
Journée 31
Dimanche 19 Avril 2009
Atl. Bilbao - La Corogne
Malaga - Majorque
Valence - FC Seville
Atl. Madrid - Numancia
Getafe - Barcelone
Betis Seville - Sporting Gijon
Espanyol B. - R. Santander
Almeria - Osasuna
R. Valladolid - Villarreal
R. Huelva - Real Madrid
Journée 32
Mercredi 22 Avril 2009
Betis Seville - Valence
Sporting Gijon - Espanyol B.
Osasuna - Malaga
Barcelone - FC Seville
Villarreal - R. Huelva
Numancia - Atl. Bilbao
Majorque - R. Valladolid
Real Madrid - Getafe
R. Santander - Atl. Madrid
La Corogne - Almeria
Journée 33
Dimanche 26 Avril 2009
Valence - Barcelone
Atl. Madrid - Sporting Gijon
Espanyol B. - Betis Seville
R. Valladolid - Osasuna
Atl. Bilbao - R. Santander
Getafe - Villarreal
FC Seville - Real Madrid
Malaga - La Corogne
R. Huelva - Majorque
Almeria - Numancia
Journée 34
Dimanche 3 Mai 2009
Osasuna - R. Huelva
Sporting Gijon - Atl. Bilbao
Real Madrid - Barcelone
Majorque - Getafe
La Corogne - R. Valladolid
R. Santander - Almeria
Betis Seville - Atl. Madrid
Espanyol B. - Valence
Numancia - Malaga
Villarreal - FC Seville
Journée 35
Dimanche 10 Mai 2009
R. Huelva - La Corogne
FC Seville - Majorque
Atl. Madrid - Espanyol B.
R. Valladolid - Numancia
Atl. Bilbao - Betis Seville
Almeria - Sporting Gijon
Malaga - R. Santander
Getafe - Osasuna
Barcelone - Villarreal
Valence - Real Madrid
Journée 36
Dimanche 17 Mai 2009
Villarreal - Real Madrid
Atl. Madrid - Valence
Sporting Gijon - Malaga
Osasuna - FC Seville
Numancia - R. Huelva
Espanyol B. - Atl. Bilbao
Majorque - Barcelone
La Corogne - Getafe
R. Santander - R. Valladolid
Betis Seville - Almeria
Journée 37
Dimanche 24 Mai 2009
Malaga - Betis Seville
R. Valladolid - Sporting Gijon
R. Huelva - R. Santander
Barcelone - Osasuna
FC Seville - La Corogne
Atl. Bilbao - Atl. Madrid
Villarreal - Valence
Real Madrid - Majorque
Almeria - Espanyol B.
Getafe - Numancia
Journée 38
Dimanche 31 Mai 2009
Sporting Gijon - R. Huelva
Valence - Atl. Bilbao
La Corogne - Barcelone
R. Santander - Getafe
Betis Seville - R. Valladolid
Atl. Madrid - Almeria
Majorque - Villarreal
Osasuna - Real Madrid
Espanyol B. - Malaga
Numancia - FC Seville