Valencia 4 - 2 Deportivo

Goals: Mata (35th), Joaquin (68th), Villa (49th, 81st) for Valencia. Moretti (11th CSC), Lafita'85e) to La Coruna.

FC Valencia took over the top of the Championship of Spain. The club David Villa, which has the same number of points (13) that Villarreal (1-0 in Gijon, the red lantern), a very badly him home, Moretti who opened the scoring in deceiving his own goalkeeper (11th). But his teammates wanted to wash the affront, and reassure, as soon as possible. And Mata, the first (35th), followed by Villa (49th), Joaquin (69th) and Villa again (82nd) have silenced the whims of men from La Coruna. The purpose of Lafita (85th) for the visitors did not alter the final outcome. Villa also had the opportunity to take only the top of the goalscorers (6th). "I'm happy to be head coach reacted valencian Unai Emery. But more important is the regularity and progression of the team. We do not know our limits because we are early in the season."